The End of Term Social!

I really, really had such a lovely time at our gig last week. It was really the first time we’ve sung with people actually listening to us! So many lovely comments both from the audience and you all.

Amazing to have 10 songs at performance standard in just 6 months. You’ve achieved a lot and, in the words of a famous song, we’ve only just begun.

There are loads of photos on Mark’s website – do have a look. If you shared any on social media please do tag Mark Peers.

1 thought on “The End of Term Social!”

  1. Margaret Bradshaw

    Looks like you all had a great time & it’s all down to you Kari. I was sorry I couldn’t attend in the end but circumstances over ruled that.

    Look forward to September when we can begin the next chapter

    🎶Lots of love
    Margaret 🎶

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