Rehearsal Planning 25.01.24

Here we go again! Hello to anyone new tonight and welcome. We’ll have some sort of warm up and then get cracking.

We’ll have an easy start with Viva la Vida

I’d like to work again on Creep – we made a start on this last time so we’ll go over the choral section with the pink voices high in the sky.

Let’s continue to sing through some of the new songs together – Martha’s Harbour which we’ll learn more of next time and Castle on the Hill.

We’ll have break. I’d like to work with the greens and blues for the first half then the reds and yellow for the second half. Then we’ll get together and mix it all up.

Could we have a go at Little Respect please? (We have a gig looming!) I won’t teach through this song, just blast through it.

And Crazy what love can do.

OK – let’s get rid of the chairs and mix ourselves up a bit. I’m still trying to integrate newer singers and learn everyone’s names. We’ll spread ourselves around mixing up the colours and sing Dreams.

And Everybody’s Changing

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