Rehearsal Planning 22.06.23

We’ll have a warm up which really focusses on our listening skills.

Let’s start with something we know!

Let’s spend a little more time on Vienna. It’s not easy so we can take our time with it.

And a lovely run through of Harbour – this should be ready to perform.

OK, we’ll stagger the breaks so that we can make a start on Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. I’ll keep the yellows first, then bring in the reds and then the greens/blues at the end please.

Let’s all get back together and hear what it sounds like!

Let’s run Dreams

and Everybody’s Changing

And a Little Respect

2 thoughts on “Rehearsal Planning 22.06.23”

  1. Hi, I’ve put myself to perform EL carnival on 24th and Bunny Bash, but I’m away and will miss rehearsal on 22nd June. Will watch what you decide to perform. Harbour feels ready but would need to work on Vienna 🤷🏼‍♀️

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