Rehearsal Planning 22.02.24

Welcome again for another evening of fun filled singing! PLEASE BRING A PEN/PENCIL AND SOMETHING TO DRAW ON – this could be the back of your lyrics – I don’t mind. xxxx

Let’s warm up with a drawing activity. I shall sing a melody, listen first, then draw then sing. It’;s a good way to learn if you’re a visual learner. We’ll try this on the harmonies for Harbour. We need to cement the harmonies on this one as we only have a few rehearsals left!

Let’s move on and recap Creep again – this is a slow burn. It’s really worth it in the end. We can draw these harmonies too if you’ve found that it helps…

And just because we are fabulous, let’s sing through something we are good at!

The greens and blues get to go for a break first this week as they only got a short break last time! Reds and Yellows, please may I keep you to make a start on Castle on the Hill.

Then I;d like just the MEN for 10 minutes please, then the greens to continue Castle.

OK, back all together and let’s hear what it all sounds like! Any sticky bits? Will this be ready for the gig at Binks Yard!?


Breathing workshop next Monday in Ruddington, Tuesday 12th March No More I Love Yous Workshop in Bunny and Wednesday 13th March Kari-oke in West Bridgford.

I’d like another go at Martha’s Harbour please!

And to finish the evening, we’ll get rid of the chairs and sing…..

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