Rehearsal Planning 21.09.23

As we are singing at the Village Hall on Saturday, we may look at some of those songs and look to ‘perform’ them to those who aren’t singing at the end of the evening.

We should be welcoming another couple of new singers again tonight. Once we get into October, that’s it! 9Apart from one lady I know can’t join until then).

Let’s start with Chasing Cars – it’ll be a harmony whip through just to make sure we’ve got it all there.

Another go through Crazy what love can do please!

And a gentle wander through Somewhere only we know – I’ll re-teach the oohhsss to the whole group, then we’ll go off and split in half for the break/focus song. I taught it too fast last week so I’ll take my time this week I promise!

So we’ll see what that all sounds like together and then we’ll move on.

For our Christmas repertoire…. I’m looking at: Winter Wonderland, Rocking’ around the Christmas Tree, I wish it could be Christmas every day. Then with the WB choir, Somewhere only we know and Last Christmas and Away in a Manger. We might haver time to cram some more it…. we’ll see. I’m mindful not to cross over too much rep with the Belles or the WB singers so please bear with me!

Let’s have a go through of Harbour – to teach the newer people.

I think we might need a blast through Vienna. Especially that end section!

And let’s have another run through of I gotta feeling’ – see if we can muster some enthusiasm into it!!

I’d then like to run Dreams and The Rose with the people singing on Saturday 23rd – the rest off us, please stick around and be our supportive audience! It can be daunting singing with less people and I’m out to prove that it needn’t be.

Thanks everyone!!

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