Rehearsal Planning 20.04.23

I promise, no more new songs for a little while! We have 2 rehearsals before our gig on the 8th May. It’s plenty of time. I have every confidence in you x

Let’s start with something we are good at – Everybody’s Changing.

Then we’ll work again on The Rose/We are sailing

Let’s have a go through A Little Respect and really dig into the dynamics of the song. I don’t want us to just bellow this out – we are better than that. I’m going in for the detail.

We’ll have a break together this week!

I’d like to work again on Dreams.

And let’s go through Viva La Vida- there are a lot of words in this songs and it doesn’t necessarily make much sense, so we’ll focus on things we can do to help us remember what we are singing.

Let’s have another sing through of Human

And finish with California Dreamin’

Don’t forget to order your T shirt if you want one!!! See you on Thursday x

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  1. Margaret Bradshaw

    Fabulous looking forward to the next rehearsal – I’ve sent you an email Kari if you can have a look when you have a min & advise please 💝

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