Rehearsal Planning 19.10.23

Yes, it’s Natalie’s birthday – no we’re not allowed to sing to her! We’ll just have to sing our heads off with other things instead.

As I mentioned in the previous match report, I want to maintain our social loveliness but please try not to talk whilst I’m teaching. You’re very welcome to arrive earlier and mingle (the bar is open) and I know a few of you pop down to the Bulls Head afterwards. I just need to keep a clear head during rehearsals and listen carefully to your singing.

Gillian will be coming along from West Bridgford this week to talk about raffle prizes etc. If you have anything to donate at all, do please bring it along on Thursday.

OK. Singing.

We’ll have a warm up with something we know we’re good at please.

Right. Now let’s nail that pesky Somewhere Only We Know……

Let’s have a restful relax with The Rose – we love this and it’s on the list to sing at the Baptist church concert.

I’m going to focus on O Holy Night for the break but I’m going to do it differently this week. Let’s have Jan-June birthdays on the break first then July-Dec second. This will give us the opportunity to break with people we don’t usually see from the different colours!

We’ll have another go at Last Christmas – there’s just a little wafty red harmony and an echo to add it.

Let’s have another look at Away in a Manger – it’s not easy but it’s do-able. The harmonies are on the shared drive if you need them.

A little rattle through Do they know it’s Christmastime?

And we’ll finish with Yellow Brick Road as again, we will be singing this at the concert.

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  1. Sorry I’m away so will miss the rehearsal this week, but will practice from the rehearsal notes, lyrics and videos 😁

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