Rehearsal Planning 18.05.23

Remember, we have this session and then 2 WEEKS OFF! This is to include the half term break. Fear not, for I shall load you up with joy and provide some audio tracks for those of you in need of a sing in-between sessions.

Right – how good was our gig!? Totally loved it. So we have a great foundation upon which to build more lovely sounds.

Let’s start with a Mika warm up – some of you may have seen this on Tik Tok – I have a version for us…..

We have a handful of lovely new singers to welcome and let’s ease them in with a very, very simple song.

Let’s have a sing through of Vienna as a new song. We might spend a little time learning the harmonies just for the chorus.

Our focus song this week is a brand new one too. I’d like to work first with the YELLOWS whilst the Reds and Greens/Blues have a break. Then I’ll work with the Reds and lastly the Greens/Blues. It’s a beautiful 3 part song which is acapella….. seeing as you all did it so beautifully at the gig!

Let’s have another go at Dreams

And a little bit of California Dreamin’

Then, let’s have a final show off song for the new people to listen to!

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