Rehearsal Planning 11.01.24

Ooooh it’s a welcome or a welcome back! We have a few new faces to welcome as well as our loyal existing singers. This plan has all of the lyrics for you to either print or download ahead of the session.

We’ll have a warm up both vocally and physically. We’ve got new songs to learn! So this means that everybody is on the same page start up wise. We always start by singing along with the songs and their original artists until we are ready to start adding harmony lines – these are always taught by ear.

We’ll have a quick show off to the new singers with Yellow Brick Road before we have a break.

We usually stagger the break but as it is the start of term, I’d like to meet with the new singers and see if there are any questions etc giving the rest of you time to catch up properly. There bar downstairs will be open as usual.

We’ll do some focused work after the break on Creep. This is a song the West Bridgford choir know and love and I know many of you have asked to learn it. It’s largely in 2 parts except for when the red/pinks come in! (The swearing has been removed – we are a family friendly performing choir after all)

Then I’d like to have a sing through of this too.

We’ll then do something called the mad half hour. We’ll move all the chairs to the side and do a bit of work together. This is great for sharpening our listening skills!

Let’s end the session with Harbour as we’ll be singing this soon.

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