Rehearsal Planning 09.03.23

Here we go! I’d like to work on dynamics for the warm up – I’ll explain this thoroughly. The volume and the light and shade which make choirs stand out as being good. The nuances and how to control the volume your produce.

Let’s start with Everywhere as I know we didn’t get time for this last session. xx

I’d like to run through Chasing Cars again please – this one is already sounding beautiful so really just polishing and applying the dynamics techniques from the warm up.

A little blast through something completely different…..

We’ll have a break as usual with one half going for their break whilst I work with the others….. Our two Focus Songs this week are A Million Dreams and Everybody’s Changing.

We’ll put these together once we are all back from our break.

Let’s have another go at California Dreamin’

And a couple of little extra songs just to sing through to see if we like….

See you on Thursday!

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