Rehearsal Planning – 09.02.23

Doors will open at 7.30pm. There’s a pilates class before us which finishes at 7pm and we need time to allow them to leave and for us to set up the chairs.

We’ll have a student from Nottingham Trent University creating a news piece – I might brush my hair especially. He wants to interview a few of you to talk about the new choir. He’ll be asking for volunteers on the night!

We’ll warm up first then get cracking. Don’t worry if you can’t find the harmonies in the shared drive. I usually host them there AFTER I’ve taught them. In the case of ‘Everybody’s Changing’ I haven’t recorded them yet.

We’ll have a recap on the harmonies for Viva La Vida and have a sing through of that again.

And a rousing sing through of ‘Mr Brightside’ which sounds like a very dull song all on one note, but there are, of course, harmonies which make it sound quite lovely!

We’ll have a sing through of Chasing Cars and I’ll share what the harmonies will sounds like.

Right, brace yourselves! I’m going to stagger the break this week. So, reds and yellows will go off for their break while I work with the greens and blues. We’ll have about 20 minutes then swap over – so I’ll work with the reds and yellows while the greens and blues have their break. We’ll be working on Little aspect and California Dreamin’ both which scored highly on the poll in the Facebook group.

Once back together, we’ll run the two songs again to see where we are with them.

I’ll make a start teaching the harmony parts for ‘Chasing Cars’ – it’s in 4 parts but it’s actually mostly sung in unison. We’ll pick through some of the techniques to make this song a success.

And we’ll finish with 2 songs purely for joy!

Looking forward to seeing and hearing you all!

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