Rehearsal Planning 08.02.24

4 rehearsals until the National Water Day Choir Festival and BInks Yard! Yippee!

Ok, Let’s make sure we are nailed in place with Harbour. Sometimes there’s a drift. It’s really important for everyone to sing the harmonies their part has been taught and not make up their own. Whilst you may believe your harmonies enhance things, it’s possible that they actually clash with what’s been arranged so do please take care to learn your parts!

I’d like a little more work on She’s Electric too please. I’ll recap the harmonies for the bits we’ve already learned and I’d like to see if we can get to the end section.

Let’s have a romp through something easy peasy….. Viva La Vida again please.

Our focus song this week is Martha’s Harbour. The verses are quite lovely and in unison. It’s a beautiful song and I’m really looking forward to teaching it! I’ll work first with the greens and blues. It’s in 3 parts so I’ll split you accordingly and the breaks will run alongside the sectional rehearsals.

Let’s hear what this sounds like all together! I bet it’s lovely.

OK, Let’s go over Creep again. It’s not easy and we’ll need to keep on this. Make sure you’ve got enough breath the keep those notes supported and high quality! (If you struggle with this, I’ll be running another Better Breathing for your Singing Workshop again next month).

I’d like to sing through the other two new songs please.

And then let’s get rid of our chairs and sing to each other!

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