Rehearsal Planning 07.03.24

Yikes! We can now say we have a gig THIS MONTH! Yippee!

We’ll have a warm up – we’ll do a little work on pitching together.

OK – let’s get on it with Castle on the Hill. I think we can have this ready in time. We’ll probably start at the middle eight section ‘one friend left to sell clothes’ etc.

Let’s belt out She’s Electric and make sure the reds have their harmony – it’s the hardest part of the song.

And a run through of something we know beautifully….

If you’re not sure of the harmonies, I’ll pop the you tube conducting videos on the Facebook group.

BREAK – I need to see the Liberty Larks briefly, so if everyone else could break first, then we’ll join you this week. The bar his back up and fully functioning – Hurray for Dave!

I’d like to spend 10 minutes with the gentlemen please after the break. We’ll go over the harmonies for the next two songs and catch up with anything you’re unsure about.

All back together and let’s go through Martha’s Harbour and Harbour again please.

Let’s get rid of the chairs and have another go at Creep. I’d like the low section all huddled at one end of the room and the mid section the other. We can stick the pinks in the middle. This might help us really hold on to those harmonies we are finding tricky. I think it’s because the notes are long and don’t move very far. We’ll get it – we will.

And we’ll finish with something we know well.

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