Rehearsal Planning 06.04.23

We’ll have a warm up and get ourselves moving in time to the music. I’d like to start with Viva La Vida – WITH NO LYRICS….. we need to get used to this whether you’re planning to sing in public with us or not!

Let’s have another go at Dreams

Let’s make a start on a new song…. this is an arrangement by Abi Moore of The Rose mixed with We are Sailing and it’s beautiful. It’s in 3 parts so this week, I’ll start with the yellows while the others all go for a break, then I’ll get the reds in, then the greens. This gives us chance to mix up a groups for the break and deep dive into the song.

Now we’ve concentrated so hard we are dizzy, we’ll run it through together and see how it sounds. It ,might feel like a long break tonight but it’ll be worth it!

Let’s have a sing through of this classic – Titanium!

And…..the Air that I breathe….

And let’s finish with a restful Chasing Cars…. again, with NO LYRICS!

And if we can squeeze it in….. Everybody’s Changing.

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