Rehearsal Planning 05.10 23

Yes. It’s jingle all the way……

We’ll have a warm up and a celebrate as the last gig we did was fabulous! Well done everyone! And then we’re off into Christmas… We are booked to sing at the East Leake Christmas Lights Switch on which is Saturday, 25th November. I don’t have a time yet but I’ll set the event in the Facebook group for numbers.

There’s just a smattering of red harmony in Winter wonderland which I’ll pop in the shared drive after the session. There’s a bit of oohing to but nothing massive.

Let’s have another bash at Somewhere only we know…

OK, focus time. I’d like to look at O Holy Night with you. It’s in 2 parts so I’ll split you in half and the others can have a break while the first half sing etc. You know the drill. Dave will have the bar open which you can access or not.

Let’s get that song back together and hear how it sounds.

Let’s crash through the next 2 songs…

There’s a little harmony in the first and a little Kari-ography in the second! You lucky singers!

If there;’s time, I’d like to sing through away in a Manger which does have 3 parts to it – I’ll teach that in the next session. I’d also like to run Last Christmas.

This is going to sound like a lot but I want to get it all out there so we know what we’re dealing with. Some of these songs we’ll be singing with the West Bridgford Choir at the concert on the 16th December – and nearly all of them you’ll be singing on your own at the Switch on. Other gigs may materialise but I won’t necessarily take on everything. It’s go to be right for us as a group and not leave me run into the ground having over-gigged!

We are also singing non-Christmas songs for the concert and some with the West Bridgford Choir – I’ll be putting my plan out next week so I can see how it all runs.

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