Rehearsal Planning 04.05.23

This is our pre gig rehearsal! But it’s still for everyone. A song is for choir, not just for a performance.

THE T SHIRTS SHOULD HAVE ARRIVED!!! Very exciting. They will be labelled with your name. If you decide yours isn’t the right fit etc, please wait until the end as I have ordered some spares.

Remember, this week we are sharing the venue with the East Leake Players (might have the name wrong, but it’s the drama group) so, parking might be more tricky (use the overspill car park on Cornflower Way) and please come around the building not through it. ALSO, Cricket have a home match this Thursday. Can you ask everyone to walk down if possible or to park in the overflow car park or another car park in the village. Don’t want cricket balls smashing windows.We’ll have access to the bar at 8.30pm for our drinks which we’ll need to bring upstairs.

We’ll have a warm up etc. Then I’d like to go through the songs and iron out any little sticky bits. I’d like us to focus on these songs in terms of dynamics, feeling and interpretation. There may well also be a little bit of kari-ography but nothing childish or silly. (That’s just for me)

So then a break (upstairs as I mentioned)

Then I’d like all the people who are singing at the gig to perform these 5 songs to the people that aren’t. This is a really valuable lesson in working with an audience and also for the audience to appreciate and see how they would look in the future should they choose to perform. It’s worthwhile for all of us and great for building confidence.

See you Thursday!

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