Rehearsal Notes and Audio

Oohhhh loved tonight gang! Thank you!

We made some more progress on Creep – it’s not easy especially for the lower harmonies – they are close and hard to learn but when they are right, they are worth the effort. Good work tonight. Loved the Pink Ladies too!

She’s Electric has all the hallmarks of a Liberty Banger so really well done to all of you. We’ll keep recapping the harmonies as they have a tendency to drift into octaves and they’re not. We will continue to work on this.

Loved our discussion about pitch tonight – how it’s not an insult to comment on pitch in our choir setting when we are learning our songs. We came up with ‘pitch check’ as a polite way to talk about it and I’ll adopt this moving forwards.

Thank you – all of you

ELLS 25.01.24 Part 1.

She’s electric – green and blue

She’s electric – red and yellow

ELLS 25.01.24 Part 2

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