Rehearsal Notes and Audio 23.03.23

ELLS 23.03.23 Part 1
ELLS 23.03.23 Part 2 (green/blue)
ELLS 23.03.23 Part 3 (red/yellow)
ELLS 23.03.23 Part 4
ELLS 23.03.23 Part 5

Marvellous evening again everyone! Thank you for your energy and happiness. Have a listen to the first sing through of Viva La Vida and then compare it with the same song 15 minutes later. Amazing xxx

We continue to explore new material as well as the 5 favourites (Chasing Cars, Everybody’s Changing, Little Respect, Viva la Vida and California Dreamin’) Last night we worked on Dreams in 2 parts which was really lovely. I’ve got another new one to have a go at next time in 3 parts so I’ll split the tea break accordingly….. something arranged by Abi Moore.

I keep looking at the polls and seeing what you’re enjoying. Keep an eye on the Facebook group as I’ll be going back over some of those songs we just lightly touched on and see which ones you’d like to move forwards with. So many songs…. so little time!!

I don’t usually rehearse in the school holidays but we are meeting on Thursday 6th April . As we are a new choir with a gig looming I felt it was right to have a rehearsal then. x

4 thoughts on “Rehearsal Notes and Audio 23.03.23”

  1. Chasing cars is amazing!!!!!! Could hear a difference when we put our words down too. Listening and smiling. Very proud to be part of this – even if I keep picking out my voice which I struggled with last night!

  2. Really enjoyed choir practice again on Thursday great choice of songs especially the 5 favourites but love them all. Hard to believe a group of former strangers can come together and produce something so ‘nice’ in such a short space of time . Pure escapism !

  3. Really enjoyed choir practice again this week love all the songs but especially the 5 favourites. Amazing how a group of former strangers can come together and produce something so nice in such a short space of time. Pure escapism!

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