Rehearsal Notes and Audio 23.02.23

We are really starting to sound like a proper choir! Amazing after just three rehearsals. I’m delighted with our sound.

ELLS 23.02.23 Part 1
ELLS 23.02.23 Green/Blue rehearsal
ELLS 23.02.23 Red/Yellow rehearsal
ELLS 23.02.23 Part 4 – check out 24 mins 24 seconds!

Lovely, lovely rehearsal everyone. Thank you. It feels welcoming and bright and sounds lovely.

We worked again on California Dreamin – thank you to the back row of greens who grudgingly agreed to sing blue on this one! The lower harmonies are hard but we are definitely getting there.

We had a sing through of Everybody’s Changing and then a romp through Viva La Vida. Lovely harmony remembers on Viva.

During the focussed time, we worked on A Million Dreams (harder for the lower parts) and Chasing Cars which we’d already explored a bit at the last session. Then we brought them together in Part 4. We’ll work more on both of these as A Million Dreams isn’t finished – Chasing Cars already sounding brilliant.

We worked on the harmonies for Everybody’s Changing – I’ll get them up on the shared drive for you today. Lovely 3 part arrangement and although I’ve sung this song before, I’ve not heard it in this arranged form and I thought it was marvellous. Thank you! We just worked on the chorus in 3 part harmony. There a lovely moment I’ve marked on the audio for Part 4 which is the acapella bit we did – if you only listen to one bit of these audio files – make it that bit!

We sang A Little Respect which really has some fabulous energy about it and finished with a quick whip through Waterloo.

Next session I’ll be working with you on dynamics (Loud and soft) and how you can control this effectively.

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