Rehearsal Notes and Audio 18.05.23

ELLS 18.05.23 Part 1

ELLS 18.05.23 Part 2 (Harbour Yellow)

ELLS 18.05.23 Part 3 (Harbour Red)

ELLS 18.05.23 Part 4 (Harbour Green/Yellow)

ELLS 18.05.23 Part 5 (Harbour full and other songs)

A lovely atmosphere last night! Hurray! I love looking at the polls afterwards to find out what you’ve enjoyed singing to see if it matches the energy in the room – it usually does.

As expected, Harbour went down really well. For anyone who missed it or want to catch up… you lucky people can have a look at these!

I’ll get the harmonies on the Shared drive as well as the new harmonies for Vienna which we’ll also continue to work on.

Remember, we’ve now got 2 weeks off as it’s half term – we’ll still get 2 rehearsals in June and 3 in July!

See you next time.

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