Rehearsal Notes and Audio 09.03.23

ELLS 09.03.23 Part 1
ELLS 09.03.23 Part 2 (Greens/Blues)
ELLS 09.03.23 Part 3 (Reds and Yellows)
ELLS 09.03.23 Part 4

Lovely to see you all last night and thank you for braving the freezing vile weather! We are making loads of brilliant progress every week and I’m delighted!

We sang through some songs and worked on others. Our focus songs were ‘Everybody’s Changing’ and ‘A Million Dreams’. The harmonies for these are on the shared drive which you can access through the website or via the QR code.

We’ll continue to explore which songs we are enjoying singing over the next few weeks. Currently, if we had to do a gig I’d be thinking Chasing Cars, Viva la Vida, Little Respect, Everybody’s Changing and California Dreamin. Which is good going for just 4 rehearsals!!

Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday 23rd March – don’t forget, the photographer is coming! x

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