Rehearsal Notes and Audio 09.02.23

ELLS 09.02.23 Part 1
ELLS 09.02.23 Part 2 (Greens and Blues)
ELLS 09.02.23 Part 3 (Reds and Yellows)
ELLS 09.02.23 Part 4 (Chasing Cars around 12 minutes)

There was so much to love about our second rehearsal! We welcomed some new singers and greeted again those who came along to launch night. It worked well to have a split break between the colours and I hope you met people, and had time to chat and have a sneaky G&T/Cup of tea.

I’ve got my beady eye on the Facebook poll for the songs for next session. Looking like Little Respect, Chasing Cars and California Dreamin’. I’d like to continue with Everybody’s Changing too. I’ll keep popping new material in until we’ve all got a good feel for what works for us as a group.

We are still finding our feet, our colours and our voices. I may have to create 3 part arrangements due to the lack of blues and create one green/bluey part instead. let’s see how we go. I am in no rush – any commitments we take on will be low key, friendly and an opportunity to shine.

As I mentioned, I feel the size of the room is OK for the singers we have. I know there are a couple of people who have friends they’d like to invite. If they could get registered before the next session, then I’ll close the door afterwards.

More information about our gig coming as I know what’s happening – Monday 8th May for your diaries. I’ll set an event in the Facebook group. If you still haven’t joined the Facebook membership group -= please do. Even if you join with a friend/partner’s account (just let me know as I cross reference it with the registration list) It’s a great way to keep you all connected in-between sessions.

Thank you so much. I feel we are already successful and that’;s down to YOU!

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