Rehearsal Notes and Audio 08.02.24

ELLS 08.02.24 Part 1

ELLS 08.02.24 Part 2

ELLS 08.02.24 Part 3

ELLS 08.02.24 Part 4 (Singing Circle Time)

Nice work last night everyone! We made really good progress on Harbour again – yellows, your harmony is the hardest so we worked lots on that. She’s Electric is sounding brilliant and we made a really good start on Martha’s Harbour.

We talked about unauthorised harmonies and the importance of listening to ourselves as well as each other as we learn and sing. Remember rehearsals are just that 0 we are working on the sings to get them right – they are not expected to be right straight away – as illustrated with Creep. We’ll keep going with Creep – it’ll be well worth it I promise.

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