Rehearsal Notes and Audio 07.03.24

ELLS 07.03.24 Part 1

ELLS 07.03.24 Part 2

ELLS 07.03.24 Part 3

Lovely evening – thank you all so much!

Castle on the Hill is really taking shape. Well done. She’s Electric is READY to perform! Yay! Chasing Cars was lovely of course.

Thanks to everyone for being a marvellous audience to the Liberty Larks who performed a song in the break. It’s always lovely to have an appreciative audience! Larks, it was a triumph. Well done!

Harbour WILL get there I soooo promise! And actually, if that note is missing in the chorus, nobody will know! Martha’s Harbour is totally lovely and we did some good work on the dynamics.

Creep – we worked in huddles with the pinks in the middle. I’ve put a tutorial video I made forever ago into the Facebook group this morning- hope it’s helpful. I know we’re not singing this at Binks Yard but I do want to sing not at the Bridgford rehearsal on Monday 18th. I want to hear what it soundalike with all of you!

Everybody’s Changing was completely lovely and thank you for embracing Sweet Caroline! xx

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