Rehearsal Audio and Notes

Massive apologies that the audio isn’t complete. No SD card in my mic so I used my phone but only for part of the rehearsal. I will do better!

We started with Viva la Vida with no words – not quite as scary as we thought it would be! It’s now all about the detail for this one. We recapped the low harmony on Dreams which sounded really lovely! Once we have put words down, it’s much easier for me to keep you all in time.

We worked on The Rose/We are sailing. What a triumph! I hope it was worth the slightly extended break for some of you to get it to where it is. We’ll be carrying on with this one and the audio parts will be up on the shared drive today. Lovely feedback from everyone about this song and you sang it really, really well.

From now on, I will not throw any new songs at you – at least for the next couple of rehearsals! We’ve got just 2 before the gig on 8th May.

Set List currently looking like….

Chasing Cars (which we sang tonight without words – not too tricky was it!?)

Viva la Vida

Little Respect

Everybody’s Changing

The Rose – this one, you’ll need to have a listen to before the next session if you’re performing. I will teach it thoroughly again don’t worry.

The energy from the evening was fabulous, even with less singers than usual. The comments in the Facebook group make my heart sing. Thank you all x

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  1. Another great evening on Thursday at choir practice especially when we were introduced to The Rose / I am sailing. What a clever arrangement really enjoyed singing it in fact I haven’t stopped singing it since! I was amazed how nice it sounded after just 1 sing through and fully endorse all the Facebook comments. So pleased I’ve joined the choir it definitely lifts your spirits . Thanks Kari and all you other ladies and gents 👏

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