Rehearsal Audio and Notes 07.09.23

Ooooh it was totally lovely (if a little hot) to be back singing with you all!!! Thanks for coming out and joining us and a huge welcome to our new singers! There are a couple more coming (including 2 MORE men to go with the new Mike – Hurrah!)

ELLS 07.09.23 Part 1.

ELLS 07.09.23 Part 2 (Somewhere only we know Pink Red and Orange)

ELLS 07.09.23 Part 3 (Somewhere only we know Yellow Green and Blue)

ELLS 07.09.23 Part 4

Next time we’ll continue with Somewhere only we know and dust up the songs ready for the gig on the 23rd September. Then it’s full on Christmas bells after that ready for the Lights Switch on on November 25th. xx

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