Our very first gig!

We did it! How brilliant!

There are so many good things to say about the gig at the Scouts event on May 8th – so much love for our choir from within it and from outside. Let’s break it all down.

We were lucky with the weather – it wasn’t raining and many people stayed to watch. Lots of people filmed, applauded and enjoyed what we sang!

Singing outside (or in a venue where I don’t have control over equipment) is always a gamble. The wind wasn’t too bad but the issues with the PA system made it difficult for us to hear the tracks, each other and for me to conduct. To be totally honest with you, it was the worst sound system I’ve ever worked with. I apologise for any bad words I may have uttered…..

However, we did it. We made adjustments as we went along. You watched me, carefully, we stayed together as a group and we didn’t give up. Deciding in a split second to sing The Rose as an acapella version could’ve been a disaster but I’ve done it before and I was confident you could rise to the occasion – and you did. This has been the most commented upon aspect of the day – and how proud did you feel being able to do it!?

I feel the gig was a success. We did exactly what we set out to do – showcase 5 songs we’ve worked really hard on over a short period of time. We laughed, smiled, sang and enjoyed ourselves. We spoke to singer we don’t usually get to speak to. We embarrassed Rachel with her Happy Birthday! We presented to the community who and what we are perfectly. Thank you to every single one of you who came along to sing.

How do you feel after your first public performance!?

Now on to the next gig…. which I’ve been asked to arrange to be inside……

2 thoughts on “Our very first gig!”

  1. Wendy Mitchell

    The minute we stepped onto the field my nerves disappeared the whole experience was amazing. You say you were confident in us well myself and I’m sure the rest of the choir were definitely confident in you that’s why we sang our little hearts out ! Thanks Kari x

  2. It was astonishing – my nerves disappeared and we sang together harmoniously (didn’t we?). I LOVED The Rose which was the one song I was most worried about. Thank you Kari, you’ve made me a very happy woman.
    Can’t wait to do it all again.

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