Launch Night! Thursday 26th January 2023

Here’s the plan for the night!

There’s plenty of parking at the Pavilion but if the car park is full, there’s an overspill car park next door in front of the housing estate.

It’s £5 cash on the door. Correct money obviously preferred! There will be three lovely ladies helping out on the night – Natalie will be on the door. (She is my sister-in-law) Jan and Becca will be on hand to help you navigate the QR CODES for the register (they are two of our West Bridgford Singers). To start with, sit where you like. The venue has capacity for 100 – if more people turn up we simply won’t be allowed to let them in for health and safety/fire regulations.

We’ll do some intros, warm ups, break the ice and probably laugh.

We will sing! There are lyrics on the shared drive which again has a QR code. Some people are happy to look at lyrics on a phone, or an iPad. I prefer paper so I will make the lyrics available here so you can get ahead of the game. Please feel free to bring a pencil to scribble on your words. We don’t use sheet music – everything is taught by ear.

After this, we’ll have a break and try and sort you all into the colour parts. If you’re not familiar with our unique way of organising singers, you can have a little look here:

We’ll try and get ourselves into some sort of order – please bear with us! These things take time as we start out! Choose the colour that you think suits you – if you found you’re not happy singing where you are, we’ve got a few weeks to get ourselves moved around to where we want to be – so you can move. Don’t stress about it – we haven’t got a deadline for getting our balance right!

Let’s sing some more…

Let’s make a start on some harmony work. Nothing hard or overwhelming. We’ll learn something very easy based on the songs we’ve already sung once I’ve worked out how well the songs are going down.

We’ll have anther little break – the registration for the choir moving forwards after this taster session will open on the night for the people who are there. It’s looking like a busy night so early registration is advised. There will be time for you to do this and help from Jan and Becca with the tech side. Once you’ve registered and paid the £15 (every month including over choir breaks) you’ll be invited to the private Facebook group. I’d highly recommend you join it as it’s where I communicate most.

And more singing – that’s what we came here for! Or a bit more harmonising – We really will judge this on the night.

I’m really looking forward to this. I think you’ll all be delighted with the sound which a group of people can produce in one evening and I hope this is the start of another joy-spreading choir adventure.

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